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Welcome to EuroCay Airlines!

  EuroCay Airlines is the European division of the FlyCay Corporation. We operate a wide selection of aircraft from multiple focus cities in Europe and the United Kingdom. Operations began with humble roots in the French countryside many years ago. With a small fleet of embraers based out of Chambery, very soon our demands grew to large for the small aerodrome we started at and we moved a stones throw away, to Geneva. Geneva provided the perfect place for us to expand not only our route structure but the larger runway meant a larger fleet could be accomodated as well.

  Today EuroCay Airlines competes with British Airways, Swiss Air, Easy Jet and even Air Austria for slots across the continent. We have expanded operations into focus cities, London and Zurich. We offer short hops from just a few minutes, to some of the longest hauls that can be flown in the FlyCay Corporation. Our fleet is one of the youngest and we take advantage of the latest in operational efficiency tools. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience on every flight, and bring a taste of the Caribbean to Europe.

EuroCay Airlines

Welcome aboard!

  Based out of Zurich we are very excited to introduce Q400 service to a select few European cities! At present we provide service to Innsbruck, Munich and Nice. We also fly to Geneva, with continuing service to the birthplace of EuroCay Airlines, Chambery. Be sure to catch a flight with us today and experience a Caribbean touch on a European airline!

Division Crest

EuroCay Airlines Division Details

Official Slogan: "A Caribbean touch, a European Airline."

Callsign: CAY (Cayman)

Division Director: William Headly

Directors Favourite Route: LSGG-LOWI

Founded: July 6th 2009

Main Hub: LSGG (Geneva, Switzerland)

Fleet: (1) Dash-8 Q400, (4) Boeing 737-800's, (2) Boeing 767-300's, (3) Boeing 777-300's

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Dash-8 Q400 Route Map

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