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The FlyCay Corporation (FCC)

  The FlyCay Corporation is the parent company of all the divisions that we offer. You could consider it as an alliance, where our multiple divisions have partnered with each other to bring you one incredible experience. Whether you are flying to a single destination or embarking on a round-the-world adventure, the FlyCay Corporation offers you the ultimate choice and flexibility when selecting your flights. The FlyCay Corporation pursues its initiatives as a measure of corporate responsibility, to care for the environment, to connect people, inspire and share ideas. We offer our pilots convenient worldwide reach and a smoother travel experience, far more that just one airline can provide. The FlyCay Corporation is simply, the perfect solution.

Airline Facts

196 Pilots
56 Aircraft in our fleet
468 Routes Available
2355 Completed Flights
0 Flight(s) today
55726177.6302104 Pounds of Jet A-1 burned
5733.06 Hours Flown
2087225 Miles flown

Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways Virtual has been serving the virtual skies since 2007 and is the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands. We are proud to say that Cayman Airways Virtual is the best way to fly to, from, and within the Cayman Islands! This division is based solely off our real world counterpart using the latest fleet and schedule.

FlyCay Corporation (FCC) Logo

EuroCay Airlines

EuroCay is our European brand, based out of Geneva, Switzerland. Since our inauguration in 2009, we have been providing service through-out Europe as well as international long haul routes. When operations began we were a small airline based out of Chambery, France- we now operate over 40 routes, 10 aircraft and have bases in Geneva, Zurich and London.

AmeriCay Airlines

AmeriCay is our North American division. We operate from hubs across the USA, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, and New York JFK, connecting travelers to an extensive network of domestic and international destinations. Established in 2009, AmeriCay has been a leading light in North American air travel and has served us well since the beginning.

FlyCay Corporation Lounge

CaribCay Airlines

CaribCay Airlines is the latest addition to the FlyCay Corporation. With operations that began in 2011 - CaribCay Airlines is based in the Eastern Caribbean, bringing unprecedented service, quality and specials to the region, previously not seen. We operate an extensive network out of St. Maarten, Trinidad and Jamaica and utilize a modern fleet sporting a refreshing livery.

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