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Cayman Airways Virtual

  Since our launch in 2007, Cayman Airways Virtual has provided ground-breaking ideas that have set fresh standards in the world of Virtual Aviation. As a result of our consistently high standards and professionalism we gained official recognition from our real world counterpart, Cayman Airways, on April 12th 2009. Never before has a real world Airline formally recognized its Virtual counterpart in the Caribbean. Our CEO is Jonathan Schutte, and our headquarters are in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

  Our mission is to provide all pilots with the most realistic and enjoyable atmosphere to be in, and in doing so, we create exceptional memories for our pilots and for each other. Warmth and genuine caring are the hallmarks of every Cayman Virtual staff member. We go out of our way to create an excellent working environment for our pilots, as well as to create memorable experiences for everyone who becomes a part of this amazing airline.

Airline Facts

196 Pilots
56 Aircraft in our fleet
468 Routes Available
2355 Completed Flights
0 Flight(s) today
55726177.6302104 Pounds of Jet A-1 burned
5733.06 Hours Flown
2087225 Miles flown

Flight Logging Software

At Cayman Airways Virtual we now utilize smartCARS. In order to begin logging your flights with us, you will need to download the application using the following link, and setup an account by filling out the form below. See you in our friendly skies soon!
Download smartCARS 2

How to use smartCARS

  Our new flight logging software is very easy to use. Once you've registered with our airline, you simply login to smartCARS. Select "Flights" on the left hand side, click "New", and search for the flight you want. OR we now offer full website integration with our system.

  Login to our website and click "Operations" and then "Routes". Find the flight you wish to fly, click "View" on the right. Once you are presented with the information for the flight you wish to fly, simply book it! Next time you login to smartCARS and go the the "Flights" section, your bid will be added and your flight, ready to go. If you need any further information, please review the guide below;
smartCARS 2 User Guide

Latest NOTAM

Download smartCARS
Click to download our flight logging software and get flying with us today!

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