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TNCM information

Hub ICAO: TNCM Airport Name: Princess Juliana International Airport TNCM
Latitude: 18.041 Longtitude: -63.1089
Hub Manager:

TNCM map

TNCM stats

Number of Pilots: 53
Number of Flights Flown: 186
Number of Routes Flown From TNCM: 25
Total Miles Flown: 77777nm
Total Hours Flown: 214
Total Fuel Used: 651568lbs

Pilot Roster for TNCM

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Group Vatsim ID/IVAO ID Active
United States CAY0005 Moses Velasquez Senior First Officer 38 3030.39 Active
Italy CAY0014 Alessandro Starinieri New Hire 3 1.52 Active
United States CAY0027 Javier Babilonia First Officer 10 13.39 Active
United States CAY0028 Bruce Staron First Officer 17 267.32 Active
Brazil CAY0033 Marcelo Rodrigues First Officer 12 246.26 Active
United States CAY0043 Robert Graham New Hire 2 4.25 Active
United States CAY0045 Erik Schriber New Hire 1 0.46 Active
United States CAY0046 Alexander Pal New Hire 3 1.24 Active
Canada CAY0048 Mark Bradshaw New Hire 12 8.45 Active
Sweden CAY0050 Billy Lundin New Hire 12 9.22 Active
France CAY0060 Daniel DENNINGER New Hire 4 6.23 Active
Trinidad And Tobago CAY0071 Kemar Rodney New Hire 8 5.24 Active
Canada CYX0078 Charles Tremblay New Hire 1 0.23 Active
United States CYX0081 Brett Lee New Hire 1 0.06 Active
Antigua And Barbuda CAY0110 Mark Carter First Officer 30 15.07 Active
Uruguay CYX0123 Martin Pereira New Hire 2 0.25 Active
Ireland CAY0124 Kevin Byrne New Hire 1 0.10 Active
Romania CAY0133 Mugur Ion New Hire 3 321.32 Active
Trinidad And Tobago CAY0141 Gary Camejo Senior First Officer 56 134.53 Active
United States CAY0154 Aaron Stranathan New Hire 2 1.13 Active
Canada CAY0157 Allan Birkett New Hire 1 0.07 Active
Brazil CYX0158 Andre Otsubo New Hire 1 1.00 Active
Canada CAY0170 Tomas Hansson New Hire 3 8.32 Active
United Kingdom CYX0177 Krisztian Kormos New Hire 2 0.34 Active
United Kingdom CAY0188 Neil Goodacre New Hire 1 0.56 Active
United States CAY0205 Dan Cast First Officer 11 13.50 Active
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