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TNCM information

Hub ICAO: TNCM Airport Name: Princess Juliana International Airport TNCM
Latitude: 18.041 Longtitude: -63.1089
Hub Manager:

TNCM map

TNCM stats

Number of Pilots: 53
Number of Flights Flown: 145
Number of Routes Flown From TNCM: 24
Total Miles Flown: 58208nm
Total Hours Flown: 156
Total Fuel Used: 500688lbs

Pilot Roster for TNCM

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Group Vatsim ID/IVAO ID Active
United States CAY0005 Moses Velasquez Senior First Officer 38 3030.39 Active
Italy CAY0014 Alessandro Starinieri New Hire 3 1.52 Active
United States CAY0027 Javier Babilonia First Officer 10 13.39 Active
United States CAY0028 Bruce Staron First Officer 17 267.32 Active
Brazil CAY0033 Marcelo Rodrigues First Officer 9 240.07 Active
United States CAY0043 Robert Graham New Hire 2 4.25 Active
United States CAY0045 Erik Schriber New Hire 1 0.46 Active
United States CAY0046 Alexander Pal New Hire 3 1.24 Active
Canada CAY0048 Mark Bradshaw New Hire 12 8.45 Active
Sweden CAY0050 Billy Lundin New Hire 12 9.22 Active
France CAY0060 Daniel DENNINGER New Hire 4 6.23 Active
Trinidad And Tobago CAY0071 Kemar Rodney New Hire 8 5.24 Active
Canada CYX0078 Charles Tremblay New Hire 1 0.23 Active
United States CYX0081 Brett Lee New Hire 1 0.06 Active
Antigua And Barbuda CAY0110 Mark Carter First Officer 30 15.07 Active
Uruguay CYX0123 Martin Pereira New Hire 2 0.25 Active
Ireland CAY0124 Kevin Byrne New Hire 1 0.10 Active
Romania CAY0133 Mugur Ion New Hire 3 321.32 Active
Trinidad And Tobago CAY0141 Gary Camejo First Officer 41 85.14 Active
United States CAY0154 Aaron Stranathan New Hire 2 1.13 Active
Canada CAY0157 Allan Birkett New Hire 1 0.07 Active
Brazil CYX0158 Andre Otsubo New Hire 1 1.00 Active
Canada CAY0170 Tomas Hansson New Hire 2 5.29 Active
United Kingdom CYX0177 Krisztian Kormos New Hire 2 0.34 Active
United Kingdom CAY0188 Neil Goodacre New Hire 1 0.56 Active
United States CAY0205 Dan Cast New Hire 6 6.31 Active
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