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MWCR information

Hub ICAO: MWCR Airport Name: Owen Roberts International Airport MWCR
Latitude: 19.2928 Longtitude: -81.3577
Hub Manager:

MWCR map

MWCR stats

Number of Pilots: 80
Number of Flights Flown: 1044
Number of Routes Flown From MWCR: 50
Total Miles Flown: 565854nm
Total Hours Flown: 1442
Total Fuel Used: 3963845lbs

Pilot Roster for MWCR

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Group Vatsim ID/IVAO ID Active
Cayman Islands CAY0001 Jonathan Schutte First Officer 45 2926.12 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0002 Gerome Bodden Senior First Officer 92 1392.40 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0003 Rashon Connor First Officer 2 652.29 Active
Jamaica CAY0006 Junior Miller New Hire 1 0.38 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0008 Diarra Hoyte New Hire 4 537.16 Active
Israel CAY0010 Aharon Dayan New Hire 1 936.09 Active
United Kingdom CAY0013 Sam Waters New Hire 6 47.10 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0015 Kasey Ebanks First Officer 22 1477.32 Active
Australia CAY0020 Jonathan Stevens Senior First Officer 62 227.40 Active
United States CAY0021 Steve Goetz Senior First Officer 124 176.15 Active
Jamaica CAY0023 Rashane Brown First Officer 43 47.19 Active
United States CAY0026 Bruce Gray Senior First Officer 15 470.50 Active
Germany CAY0029 Florian Prinz Junior Captain 160 685.41 Active
United States CAY0031 Miguel Auchet First Officer 52 83.50 Active
Trinidad And Tobago CAY0038 Ruthven Atkins First Officer 7 61.25 Active
United States CAY0039 Blaine Peacock New Hire 1 0.19 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0041 Jordan Grant New Hire 1 0.12 Active
United States CAY0051 Peter Capalbo New Hire 2 2.18 Active
Philippines CAY0057 Randale Alday New Hire 3 2.18 Active
Venezuela CAY0064 Antonio Henriquez New Hire 2 0.56 Active
United States CAY0091 Shane Reilly First Officer 24 14.03 Active
Spain CAY0094 Omar Anguita New Hire 2 2.27 Active
Canada CAY0100 Bachir Skender First Officer 12 11.13 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0103 Jeremy Miller New Hire 1 0.35 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0105 Tevin Crawford First Officer 24 26.12 Active
Canada CAY0108 Jon Peters New Hire 13 9.06 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0134 Ryan Whittaker Captain 270 556.51 Active
United States CAY0142 Maleik Bennett New Hire 8 6.00 Active
Bahamas CAY0144 Dimitri Rolle New Hire 3 4.02 Active
Luxembourg CAY0145 Raoul Disteldorff New Hire 1 0.43 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0164 Michael Watler First Officer 9 14.00 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0165 Craig Connor First Officer 11 12.15 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0166 Jake Bennett New Hire 4 6.15 Active
United States CAY0168 Jonathan Cronin New Hire 2 2.51 Active
Bahamas CAY0171 Homer Curtis New Hire 2 3.39 Active
Cayman Islands CAY0174 Leon Ebanks Senior First Officer 34 106.25 Active
United States CAY0215 Javann Zonicle New Hire 3 4.06 Active
United States CAY0216 Jimmy Phillips First Officer 22 76.10 Active
Jamaica CYX0221 Carrick Wales New Hire 1 0.45 Active
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